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Voyage of the Dawn Treader Reading Comprehension Questions and Unit Study Activities

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
Chapter Seven

This unit study is based on the book Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and it was created by Amber Ballew from Missouri.

Vocabulary Words:



kill quickly


groups of animals

short, sudden outbursts of speech




flattened ring used in a throwing game; similar to horseshoes

periods of slipping back

replacing the store of provisions

worked up

slender, flexible rod


Comprehension Questions:

  1. What was the device on the gold arm ring? (A little hammer with a diamond above it like a star. It was the sign of a great Narnian house.)

  2. To whom did the arm ring belong? (It belonged to the Lord Octesian.)

  3. Why couldn't Eustace tell his story? (Because he could no longer speak, and the muscles and nerves of his dragon-claws had never learned to write. Besides that, he had never learned to tell a story straight, having never read the right kind of books.)

  4. What was clear to everyone? (That Eustace's character had been much improved by becoming a dragon.)

  5. How was Eustace able to help? (He could fly over the whole island, and found that it was mountainous and inhabited by wild goats and swine. He brought back many carcasses of these for the revictualling of the ship. He brought back to camp a great tall pine tree for a mast, which he had torn up by the roots. On wet nights, everyone would come and sit against his hot sides until they were warm and dried, and he could light the most obstinate fire. sometimes he would take a select party for a fly on his back, so they were able to see what the island was like.)
  6. What kept Eustace from despair? (The pleasure of liking someone, and of being liked, which was quite new to him.)

  7. Who was Eustace's most constant comforter? (Reepicheep the mouse, who would sit and tell him stories whenever Eustace did not feel like being part of the group around the camp-fire.)

  8. What did Eustace sometimes overhear? (Things like, "Wold he fit all along one side of the deck? And we'd have to shift all the stores to the other side down below for balance," or, "Would towing him be any good?" or "Would he be able to keep up by flying?" and, "But how are we to feed him?")

  9. When did Eustace return to human form? (About six days after they had landed on Dragon Island.)

  10. Who was the lion that transformed Eustace? (The lion was Aslan.)

  11. What happened to the arm ring? (Eustace gave it to Caspian, who offered it to Lucy. Lucy didn't want it, so Caspian threw it up into the air, so whoever caught it could keep it. but somehow it caught and hung on a little projection. There was no way to climb up or down to retrieve it, so they left it there, to hang until the world ended.)

Suggested Activities:

  1. Write down what you think was the Lord Octesian's fate.

  2. Draw a picture or write and give a speech about an event in your life that changed you.

  3. "Walk in someone else's shoes". In other words, switch places with someone for a while. For instance, do your mother's chores for a day. Another idea would be to put on a blindfold and try to do your regular activities around the house.

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