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Voyage of the Dawn Treader Reading Comprehension Questions and Unit Study Activities

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
Chapter Fifteen

This unit study is based on the book Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and it was created by Amber Ballew from Missouri.

Vocabulary Words:

- take up one's attention thoroughly

- speak suddenly

- to crash into

- small crown

- angrily

- hill tunneled out for a passageway

- small group of trees

- lever or wheel used for steering a ship

- pull a person under a ship as punishment

- mythical sea serpent
- leave stranded on a deserted island

- slender, tall tower

- with quick, light motions

- tip of a small tower topped by a spire

- bright, deep blue

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What was different after they had left Ramandu's country? (They all found that they needed less sleep, and less to eat, and that they didn't want to talk except in low voices. There was also too much light; the sun when it came up each morning looked twice, if not three times its usual size. Every morning the huge white birds, singing their song streamed overhead and vanished astern on their way to breakfast at Aslan's Table. A little later they came back and vanished into the east.)
  2. What did Lucy notice first in the water? What did it turn out to be? (She noticed a little black object, about the size of a shoe, traveling along at the same speed as the ship. It turned out to be the shadow of the ship itself, running along the bottom of the sea, fathoms down.)

  3. What did Lucy see once she realized just how clear the water was? (The great silvery expanse was the sand on the sea bed and that all sorts of darker of brighter patches were not lights and shadow on the surface but real things on the bottom. She saw a mass of soft purply green with a broad, winding strip of pale grey in the middle of it. Bits of the dark stuff were much higher than other bits and were waving gently. Another pale strip joined the first one, and it was a road, which began to go uphill until it reached a city or a huge castle on the top of the mountain.)
  4. Why was the city, or castle, built on the top of a high mountain? (Because in the sea, the deeper you go, the darker and colder it gets, and it is down there, in the dark and cold, that dangerous things live. The sea-people felt about their valleys as we do about mountains, and feel about their mountains as we feel about valleys. It is on the heights that there is warmth and peace. The reckless hunter and brave knights of the sea go down into the depths on quests and adventures, and return home to the heights to rest.)
  5. What made Lucy nearly squeal aloud with excitement? (She had seen People. There were between fifteen and twenty of them, and all mounted on sea-horses rather bigger than themselves. She thought they must've been noble and lordly people, for she caught the gleam of gold on some of their foreheads, and streamers of emerald or orange colored stuff fluttered from their shoulders in the current.)
  6. What were the Sea People doing? (They were a like a hawking party. They carried little fierce fish on their wrists, and released them to catch the other, fat fish.)

  7. What change came over the scene? (the Sea People had noticed the Dawn Treader, and were coming up to investigate. they came so close to the surface that if they had been in air, instead of water, Lucy could have spoken to them. The King looked proudly and fiercely at Lucy and shook the spear in his hand. His knights did the same, and the women were obviously astonished.)
  8. Why didn't Drinian want the sailors to see the Sea People? (He was sure that some men would fall in love with sea-women, or with the under-sea country itself, and jump overboard. He'd heard of things like that happening before, and said that it was always unlucky to see "these people.")

  9. Why was Drinian angry with Reepicheep? (Because he was frightened for him, and cared a great deal for him, like your mother will get more angry at you for running in front of a moving car than a stranger would.)

  10. What did Reepicheep discover when he jumped into the water? What was significant about his discovery? (He discovered that the water was sweet and fresh, instead of salt water like you would expect. The significance of this was in the Dryad's prophecy: "Where the waves grow sweet, doubt not, Reepicheep, There is the Utter East.")

  11. What effect did the water have on those who drank it? (Caspian said it was like drinkable light, and Lucy said that it was so strong they wouldn't have to eat anything. After everyone on board drank it, they were all silent, for the felt almost too well and strong to bear it. Then they noticed that the light had increased, but they could bear it. They could look straight up at the sun without blinking, and everything shone brighter and brighter.)

  12. Why did the strong current worry Edmund? (Because, if the world had an edge, and they were getting near it, they might just be swept over the edge before they could try to do anything about it.)

Suggested Activities:

  1. Draw a picture of the Sea People, or make a map of their kingdom.

  2. Tell a story of a brave knight from the sea and his adventures.

  3. Write down what you think would happen at the edge of the world.

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