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Voyage of the Dawn Treader Reading Comprehension Questions and Unit Study Activities

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
Chapter Eleven

This unit study is based on the book Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and it was created by Amber Ballew from Missouri.

Vocabulary Words:

- instruments used to calculate the positions of stars

- shouted loudly

- ran into

- wreath worn on the head

- instruments probably used to measure a poems rhythm or meter

- instruments used to measure small amounts of time

- dejected

- belt around the waist

- listen

- unable to be heard

- one-footed

- models of solar systems

- instruments probably used to measure poetry or rhyme and rhythm

- struck

- instruments supposed to have something to do with studying God

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What did the Magician look like, and what was his name? (The magician's name was Coriakin, and he had white hair, and a long beard that fell to his waist. he was dressed in a red robe, and his head was crowned with a chaplet of oak leaves. He supported himself on a curiously carved staff.)

  2. Why didn't Aslan show Himself to the people? (Because they were not yet ready to see Him. If they saw Him now, they would be frightened out of their senses.)

  3. What food did the Magician give to Lucy? (An omlette, piping hot, cold lamb and green peas, a strawberry ice, lemon-squash to drink with the meal and a cup of chocolate to follow.)

  4. Why did the Duffers think they were ugly? (Because the Chief was very conceited, and he taught the rest of the Duffers to be conceited.)

  5. Why did the Magician change the Duffers? (Because they would not do as they were told. It was a simple request: Coriakin asked them to draw water for the garden out of a stream that ran right past it, instead of climbing up the hill to the spring twice a day and tiring themselves out, besides spilling half the water on the way back.)
  6. What silly things had the Duffers done? (They washed their plates and knives before dinner, "To save time afterwards." They had planted boiled potatoes to save cooking them when they were dug up, and when the cat got into the dairy, the Duffers set to work moving all the milk out, instead of chasing the cat away.)

  7. What did the sleeping Duffers look like? (Giant mushrooms, with little bundles lying at the bottom of each stalk. The umbrella was not centered on the stalk, but was closer to one end of it, was not really round, but was longer than it was wide. This was because monopods, which was what the magician had changed them into, sleep under their feet to keep out the sun and the rain.)
  8. What did Lucy try to convince the Duffers? (That they really looked rather nice as monopods, and she didn't want them to be changed into anything else.)

  9. What did the monopods say that annoyed Eustace? (They said, "Eh, he can't put things the way our chief does. But you'll learn, young man. Hark to him. He'll show you how to say things. There's a speaker for you!")

  10. What did the Duffers end up calling themselves? (They got their new name of monopod, mixed up with their old name of Duffers, and ended up calling themselves Dufflepuds.)

  11. What new use for the monopod's huge feet did Reepicheep think up? (He told them that they could jump lightly on the water, and would be able to float around. It took a little while, but eventually all the monopods were paddling about in the bay, using rude paddles.)

  12. What useful and beautiful piece of magic did the Magician perform? (He spread two pieces of parchment out on the table, then had Drinian related their journey thus far. As Drinian spoke, the places he spoke of appeared on the parchments in fine clear lines until each sheet was a splendid map of the Eastern Sea, the finest ever made. If you looked at the towns and islands with a magnifying glass, you would be able to see perfect little pictures of the real things. The only drawback was that the coastlines were incomplete, as only the places that they had explored were shown, and that there was nothing from beyond the land of the Duffers shown.)

Suggested Activities:

  1. Draw a picture of Coriakin.

  2. Write about what might have happened if Aslan showed Himself to the Duffers.

  3. Make a map of some of the places you've been.

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