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The Four-Story Mistake Unit Study - Part Eight

This is a mini-unit for chapter one of Elizabeth Enright's delightful story for children, "The Four-Story Mistake". Read the instructions for using this unit, if you haven't done so already.

Chapter Eight: "NoŽl NoŽl"

Vocabulary Words:




Nature Study:

yule log
wild ground pine

Metaphors and Similes:

"The morning was still new and unspoiled, like a pool into which no one has thrown a pebble."

"His hair was standing straight up on one side, like the feathers of a thrush."

The Christmas tree was "a shimmering mirage, a tree of paradise, a pyramid of jewels".

Questions to Think About:

In regard to Crusty, the alligator, Cuffy remarked that "some people know how to pass the buck".  What did she mean by "pass the buck"?

Suggested Activities:

Though their country was in the midst of a war, The Melendy family had many things to be thankful for.  Think about what your own family has to be thankful for and write some of these things down.

Listen to or play the following musical pieces:

The Wedding March by Felix Mendolssohn:  Listen | Sheet Music
Mozart's Piano Concerto in C Minor

The Melendy family sang "Adeste Fideles".  Look up this song and find out what it is!

Make a wreath from pine branches or other natural items.

Links to More Info and/or Pictures/Definitions:

Reminisce Books:  Book about WWII - "We Pulled Together and Won".

Oliver got a Meccano set for Christmas.  Today they are commonly known as Erector construction sets.

Painting of snow and trees by Pieter Bruegel

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Unit Study by Heather Idoni,

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** This unit study was designed for use with the audio book and I will say -- the audio book is OUTSTANDING.  If you'd like to purchase the audio versions for all 4 books, there is a substantial discount -- 30% off retail - about $80 if you buy all 4 together.

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