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The Four-Story Mistake Unit Study - Part Eleven

This is a mini-unit for chapter one of Elizabeth Enright's delightful story for children, "The Four-Story Mistake". Read the instructions for using this unit, if you haven't done so already.

Chapter Eleven: "Addition and Subtraction"

Vocabulary Words:



Nature Study:

Dutchman's Breeches
Dogtooth Violet
Common Blue Violet - "real violets with heart-shaped leaves"
Apple blossoms
Snow pear
Kingsnake - Also: learn the difference between a Coral and a Kingsnake
Black snake

Metaphors and Similies:

Bloodroot "wrapped in its cloak like an Indian princess"

Hepatica "blooming out of a little fur mitten"

Grass "rose up tall and soft in the fields... like fur on the back of a cat"

Literary Allusions:

Father "carried a tall stick like Tannhauser".  Tannhauser is an opera by Wagner (pronounced Vagner).  You can listen to and watch an orchestra perform the overture to Tannhauser: Part ONE | Part TWO

What story is Ichabod Crane from?  What would a "mechanized Ichabod Crane" look like?

Science, Math or History Extras:

Math:  Can you remember the different kinds of animals the Melendy's had?  Can you count the 5 groups of animal types (sets) and then count them all up to 8?  Draw them in the following sets:  (2) sets of mammals and reptiles, (5) sets of individual species, (2) sets by number of legs.  Write the addition equation for each set to add up to 8 animals.  Can you think of other ways to group the pets?

Questions to Think About:

Why do you think Mr. Melendy said you should "never plan a picnic"?

Do you think Father was serious when he suggested adding to the family's menagerie with a laughing hyena, a kiwi bird, and a 3-toed sloth?  Mr. Melendy was being facetious or sarcastic with his remark.  Think of something your mother or father has said that was similar.  Did you know they were joking at the time?

Suggested Activities:

Rush made up a very wet game and called it "surefooting".  Make up your OWN game and name it -- and teach it to your brothers, sisters, or friends!

Links to More Info and/or Pictures/Definitions:

Victory Gardens

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Unit Study by Heather Idoni,

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** This unit study was designed for use with the audio book and I will say -- the audio book is OUTSTANDING.  If you'd like to purchase the audio versions for all 4 books, there is a substantial discount -- 30% off retail - about $80 if you buy all 4 together.

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