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The Four-Story Mistake Unit Study - Part Ten

This is a mini-unit for chapter one of Elizabeth Enright's delightful story for children, "The Four-Story Mistake". Read the instructions for using this unit, if you haven't done so already.

Chapter Ten: "The Caddis House"

Vocabulary Words:



Nature Study:

skunk cabbages
frogs' eggs
caddis houses
forsythia bushes

Metaphors, Similes and Personification:

"Isaac eloped with a whole leg of lamb."

"The little brook bellowed hoarsely."

"great transparent clumps of tapioca full of black polkadots"

Literary Allusions:

War and Peace is mentioned in this chapter as a book Mona is reading.

Correcting Poor Grammar:

This isn't grammatically incorrect, but decode this abbreviated commentary on Mona's theme about Clarinda and the Hidden Room:

"Very Orig. Subj. Well Handled"

Science, Math or History Extras:

Science:  How to Catch a Snake

History:  Randy wrapped up in an ancient Navaho blanket.  Take a look at some old Navaho blankets and read a bit about the history of Navaho weaving!

Questions to Think About:

Do you think it is funny that Mona got an "X" for Excellent on her theme paper?  What letter grade would she have received for excellent writing had she lived today?

Suggested Activities:

If you live near a pond or have access to one, try to find frogs' eggs.  Gather some of the jelly-like clumps and put them in a jar.  Observe them as they hatch into tadpoles and then take them back to the pond to live! 

Discuss business deals... and how to "close" a deal to your advantage.  Use negotiating an allowance or a later bedtime as an example.

Links to More Info and/or Pictures/Definitions:

More about caddis flies

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Unit Study by Heather Idoni,

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** This unit study was designed for use with the audio book and I will say -- the audio book is OUTSTANDING.  If you'd like to purchase the audio versions for all 4 books, there is a substantial discount -- 30% off retail - about $80 if you buy all 4 together.

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